Game of Thrones: Conquest™ App Reviews

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It’s a set up for failure

I played conquest for a little while now but I have started to notice as I advanced in the game that the way it’s set up you have to pay a ton of money in order to get the ridiculous amount of supplies needed to upgrade your buildings or you will not be able to progress in the game. I have purchased packages and have also attempted to collect the supplies on my own. For an example, It took me 4 days to only collect half the food and wood needed to upgrade my keep. Then I was attacked and my supplies had been stolen. I know this is the object of the game but I don’t see how you can succeed in this game with outrageous expectations to advance. I will not be putting in any more money into this game if I am not going to be able to keep advancing. I will say that it was a fun entertaining game in the beginning but ultimately frustrating.


Too many issues. I love this game and have spent money on this to many times. I have submitted a ticket for one issue to be told that couldn’t happen. So I dealt with it. Then I have tried to submit 4 tickets for this one issue were it does not let me collect and nothing happens.


This game is great but after a few months of playing it gets old quick. Unless you're able to spend hundreds of dollars on packs you may as well give up. Once you get to a certain level it's almost impossible to level up unless you spend money. And now I heard of cheating bot that attacks you just because. The idea of this game is great but unfair to the average player


The attack animation is lame. Like a chess piece on a board. I expected more. The alliance should be expanded. Not enough to really have a good team/chat group in a game like this. Look at evony or gow as the standard barriers in this.

F2P but you have to P2W

It is near impossible to advance past a certain level in the game without spending a substantial amount of money. Many things you can obtain by grinding but it could take months to get things the P2W folks get instantly. Couple it with the always on battle process and it’s basically impossible to get ahead in the game unless you pay. A lot. Constantly.


When I get a notification because of a scout or an attack I sometimes are forced to update the game. By the time it does update.... I lose everything!!!! This happened to me a lot because there are a many updates!!! VERY FRUSTRATING!!!!! 😡😡😡😡

Fun games

This game is fun this far hope for further enjoyment. Love the show



Needs changes

Advanced teleports shouldn’t be as rare. Saw an idea in their forums about a march to destination that’s slower than an actual march but will move an entire keep and is free. Also kills your battery. Need to either slow down on animations or add a battery saver mode that disable these animations. Overall a good game but needs simple fixes to performance and making it easier for free to play players.



Fun up to keep level 15-16, after that it’s Pay to Win

This game has some serious issues, love the GOT side, but really don’t like that to get ahead you either have to cannibalize lower Tier keeps, or pay to gather anuff resources to keep building. Other thing is top 5% of the game are like gods. Either hacking to gather RSS or actually spending $1000s of dollars. I was able to crack into the top 150 before I was smashed repeatedly by at top 15 player. At that point I promised my self after 80$ no more!!!! ******************** This game would be better suited to a GrayJoy style of method of play. Just so much this game needs to be fixed. One suggestion is; if you have Many players should be able to over take a few super star Top players. This feels very similar to another WB game that came out a few years ago called “Lord of the Rings” almost same style. Not very original. If you like to be a Troll this is a perfect game for you.


If I were to rate this game on how much fun it is, I would give it 5 stars. The reason for me putting 1 star are the issues with this game. I currently can’t get into the game. This morning I couldn’t and I had to uninstall then reinstall it and when I did all my resources were gone. And I had millions!! Everytime I make a purchase I have issues. I have never saw such a popular game have so many issues. It is literally something happening every day that just makes me so mad!! Almost ready to quit playing if issues not fixed soon!!!!

Fun and addicting

The game is great it is very addicting and keeps me busy . The only things I see wrong with it , 1 can not port beyond the wall and the little bugs . My game is having issues loading at the moment , after I updated it . Fix this and you will get 5 stars for now can only give 3

Ok but have a long way to go b4 considered good game

First and foremost, you need free 24 hour or at least 12 hr peace shield if you are attacked. It's common place in almost every other game of the genre. You seem to be only catering to only p2w players and/or players who are able to play all day every day. We have jobs. We have lives outside mobile games. We cannot/will not be on all the time. Thus I was on a shift at work, working away to make money and potentially invest in this game when I was attacked 11 times in a row. I then literally had to spend hours getting my resources back up to workable levels and not to mention the hours on healing troops. If I had been giving a free peace shield after the first defeat or if I was given one at a certain point after my resources were depleted to a designated point it would have saved me days of work on my keep.

Glitches daily

Love the game, love the people interaction. The game is glitchy always. Chat is even worse. Today’s update has made gameplay impossible. The only thing that works 100% of the time is the offers to buy packs, ironic.

Try not to pay

The game is totally one side the one who spent the most money win all the time. Thank you for making not enjoyable. I purchased 20$+ and that will be the last

Expensive:Glitchy as Hell

I love playing the game, but it’s way to expensive!!!! Has way to many glitches!!

Not worth it

Still in beta testing is what I hear however to be able to play and compete costs a lot - for a beta with so many bugs and crashes the ability to play and compete should be aligned with the bugs you see on a daily basis for both iOS and Android. Response to issues is typically the usual tech trouble shoot you already completed and doesn’t compensate for what you’ve put into the game. If you haven’t started don’t it’s a money pit.

Responsive Support

They are usually good about throwing around in game gold for glitches. Fun and quick to fix problems. Constantly updating with new innovations to help you grow. Very happy with this game so far. I am 3mil pwr and have only paid $25 total. It’s all about a good kingdom and good alliance. The gear updates are getting a little repetitive as far as money grabbing goes and they hardly ever give good crafting materials in events.

Fun but needs change

I have been playing this game for 6 months. I have really enjoyed it. I’m not one of the biggest players but I’m in the righteous middle.. you do have to pay to play and even then to be one of the biggest players it takes lots. I enjoy interacting with the other players and the freedom to kick butt. If you dont like war dont play.. You will have your butt handed to you but its a game of war. It’s fun. Wish resources were a little easier to get so I could level up more.. but i still enjoy the game a lot.. Lots of updates keep the game fun and fresh and the developers listen. If there is a real problem they fix it and give you rewards for the inconvenience.

Freezes constantly since update

Once I click on anything since today’s update, the game freezes. Fix it. NOW.

Good to a point

I really enjoyed this game. Until I got to level 11 with all my buildings and couldn’t upgrade any Further because it was made impossible for me to gain enough resources with how constant the attack’s on me while I wasn’t playing were

One of the best kingdom games ever

With its many great features, this game is perfect! Sure, getting attacked while your away is annoying, but it’s part of the game! I mean...every online kingdom game is like this. But this game stands out because of its relationship with one of the best book series and tv show ever. And all if it’s other cool features like “seats of power”. I can’t wait to see what other cool thing the developers add to the game.

Fun to play but glitches and lags will kill you

I had great fun playing this game until recently when the game became very glitchy and would lag at bad times causing loss of resources. WB custom service passes the blame back to the player and when occasionally giving compensation for losses it is vastly gives about 1/20th of what it should.

Just don’t do it

Don’t download the app. Don’t start to play it. Don’t make friends. Definitely don’t spend your money. $4,000 in and nothing to show for it, but it’s extremely addicting especially if you socialize. So just don’t do it.


It’s very good, I can only suggest to everyone!


I’m so addicted to this game... I have met some really great people that have become like family to me I love it!!!

Spender AS

Its a good game except when you have spent 20K and planned for sop for days but dont win it because game froze for 5mins straight. Seriously? Also, T1 should have more control on the players. He should be able to kick and so incase liege head is not on.

GoT Conquest rules!

Much fun to play on your bathroom throne. Get to crowning!

Don’t Play this game

You can’t grow I. This game. All the larger keeps will keep killing you and zeroing your keep. It’s not fun at all and not worth the time or effort you will spend to try to grow just to be cut down.

Pay to win game

This is a pay to win game. Some of the players were abusive. Graphics are not great. Game is repetitive. People were bragging about spending over 100 dollars a week on this game. At higher levels it’s extremely hard to upgrade without using real money but players that spend a lot of money end up on top.

Game of thrones

Awesome game... lots of missions

You cannot afford it

I have played this game in 2 kingdoms. The first one I discovered too late that in order to be competitive as a player, you have to spend at least $300 with in the first two weeks of game play. I tried to catch up, but no matter what is spent, I couldn’t. The second kingdom, I spent $250 the first week, and got much farther, but as in the first kingdom, players come in who literally spend thousands of dollars all at once, jump ahead and it becomes very hard to ever defeat them, even with rallies. The game is also glitchy. You will get attacked while you are doing something else on your phone and receive no warnings or push notifications. It happened to me, right after I had spent $99 to upgrade and enlarge my army. It was like setting a $100 bill on fire. Gone. No help from tech support, they got their money. Seriously, there are much better and less costly games out there. You simply can’t afford to play this one. I have spent over $1000 on this game since July, but I am done. What a waste!


Love the game

Great Concept

I’ve spent around 100$ on the game. And yes I love this game and I understand as a company you have to make money, but the game grows increasingly challenging for newer players and those of us who don’t feel like spending hundreds of dollars in the game. All I ask is you make the game a little more accessible for those players who aren’t able to pay to win or just want to play for fun. Great game though!!

New idea

Can you made people creative story update. Because almost boring all just same experience this game. Help us wake up as work hard for something great as what our this game any idea through creature to story with season life? You think can do it?


Fun game


Just a game of thrones clone of a thousand similar titles advertised across the web. If you want a Viking variant, try “Vikings: War of Clans” if you want a For Honor type theme try “Clash of Kings: Wonder Falls” if you want the Islamic version try “Revenge if the Sultans” and that is, to name just a few, you can search for more yourself if you want. You have a main base, you wait hours to upgrade, you build an army, you do quests, rinse repeat. If you are reading other reviews and you are considering looking past the bugs and lag complaints, and the pay to win complaints, try looking at the positive reviews to see no detail in what makes the game fun or enjoyable other than being obsessed with game of thrones, all the other comments I’ve seen have been mostly complaint despite a high star rating or have been nothing more than “Great game.” This is a scam, and a cash grab. If you are obsessed with Game of Thrones and willing to waste your time playing terrible games, at least play a somewhat original game like Game of Thrones Ascent, a game I stopped playing after a week.

Super poor graphics

I wonder how hbo agreed to license this abonination

We need Chinese support

There are Chinese players too!

Way kool

Enjoyable app for sure just don’t like that you get attacked from payers that are higher levels than you and u can’t do nothing to them should be a limiter on size attacking smaller kingdoms

GOT is the GOAT

Awesome tactical game that’s based on the greatest show. Easy to learn but challenging to keep it interesting. Bring friends and take over the seven kingdoms.

New game on new phone

Had a lagging issue but that maybe my WiFi so I won’t blame it on the game otherwise I’m really enjoying the game

Big Bank takes little Bank

If you don’t spend don’t expect to compete. Your only role in the game is supporting those who do spend. You can survive. You can build. You can gain gifts from your alliance. But you will face constant threats from the big spenders who dominate the game with impunity. One mistake from your allies or mishap on your part and they will pounce on you and set you back weeks. There is third party software that spenders use to identify your status and your resources. The game is really set up for you to spend cash. After keep 16 you can’t compete. By that time everyone in the game has figured out how to protect resources and the only way to advance in a timely manner is to pay for resources. Otherwise you risk becoming obsolete. The pay players advance so fast that your troops and defenses are meaningless. I can have 120,000 level 6 troops with traps and walks and they will get completely destroyed by 60,000 level 9 troops. With minimum damage to the attacker. I won’t play another round.


A little intimidated at first but kinda addictive.


Pretty fun game ! However if you don’t have money to spend to play game don’t bother starting! You must spend money at some point to shield yourself from attack’s or to level up at higher levels


Unless you want to pay to play, don’t waste your time. Painfully redundant: you build up resources and power, get attacked by people who have too much time on their hands, and begin again. Played for about 5 months and have nothing to show for it. Don’t waste your time.

I love the game but the glitches are ridiculous

I have accidentally purchased high dollar packs because the app seems to have a mind of its own. So many crashes especially at important times

Jon snow

This game is awesome played sept 14th 2018, and still is till this day.. needs to improve graphics, needs more banner options..

Another one.

Low res images, copy and pasted gameplay, lack of character models. These are just the things you notice in the first few moments. This is just another version of the same old tie-in genre of building up cheap empires only for the real goal to be to take your money; or sell you adds. Don’t waste your time and don’t believe the over stylized online ads, if they put as much work into the game as they did in to making it look like a good game, we’d have something worth the time.

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