Game of Thrones: Conquest™ App Reviews

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Great Game

Such a great composed game! Addictive and fun, and there is great people on here and who love to help newbies!

No way!

I downloaded this game because it Looked cool. It asked me for money within a minute of opening. I clicked on build for a farm and it asked me to Confirm a purchase I didn’t select so I immediately deleted the app.

Absolute garbage

This game is complete trash. Way to go guys.


Great game

Lord Wolf01dw

I have to say after playing for a while the game played slow it takes a long time to build anything and so it has a tendency to lag and get boring and it takes some time to learn how to maneuver around the game hope that helps you

Game of Thrones

Pretty good.

Absolute garbage; do not waste a cent on this app

Played this game for several months and had recently purchased a $50 pack of materials (was not my first in-app purchase). The app crashed and deleted all my game progress and the in-app purchase. I contacted the developer whose response was "bummer". No apology, no compensation (even after I forwarded the receipt for the package and the error message I was now receiving). They claimed it was because I hadn't linked my account, but I had. It was because of their crappy programming, crappy record keeping and crappier customer service. It's theft to refuse to reimburse customers for virtual products purchased which they then did not receive. Absolute garbage.

So many bugs, awful customer support

This game is so buggy and if you try to get help or support, they don’t care. I’ve included photos and proof of bugs and they’ll just make every excuse to not provide assistance or even apologize for the problem. It’s ridiculous. I’m done spending money for it to just be lost due to bugs beyond my control. I advise against spending money until they get these issues resolved, and if you pay attention to kingdom chat, you’ll see so many other people saying the same thing. Provide better customer service/support for your players and take responsibility for the games instabilities, that is your biggest downfall.

cupbearer of highpoint

wonderful made many international aquaintances


The game is pretty awesome, although I do think they could take a page from Kabam with KoM and allow alliance members to trade resources with each other. The only downside is really their tech support. Good luck getting an answer from them, and that’s assuming it’s a helpful answer.

Game of Thrones: Conquest

Great fun. This game stimulates my mind, and helps me to focus my thoughts. It’s more than a fun game, it’s therapy. As a veteran, you’re sometimes told to find one thing where you can use your thinking mind not your reacting mind. Then beat it or at least get a submission of defeat. Love the game. But can you make it easier to get resources because I’m running out of steam and time.

Waste of time

It starts out okay and you build your early stuff quickly but then after days of playing you get attacked by other players without notice and it destroys most of your then you have to rebuild and waste countless hours trying to get back to the point you were. As for attacking other players...they basically disappear and you never get any sort of shot at revenge. cannot control your army you just build the pointless thing up and hope nobody sneak attacks you while you deal with the real world. If this was meant to be like classic games such as Starcraft or Warcraft or dune it totally leaves you disappointed. I have a million suggestions including storyline improvement. There are no real interesting missions or anything that really says...oh yeah, this is game of thrones, I’m in Westeros. It’s a disappointment, don’t even download it!

No dislike here

Awesome game gamers always loved watching game of thrones but too play the brings back tradegys

Can’t watch on TV

Can’t see it on TV so this is the next best thing

Love it.

As soon as I started playing this game I got hooked. It’s very in depth. Anymore detailed and it’d be console worthy. I’ll definitely be playing this game for awhile.

Mislead by a friend but still decent

My friend recommended me this game knowing how much I love the show, and pulled me in by saying there was and I quote, “in the update there’s dragon warfare, you literally take Danny’s dragons and use them.” I was excited and I’m keep level 15, I’ve seen nothing nor seen anything of this. I’m disappointed with her and kind of the hype. Otherwise it’s a good game overall.

Good game



I still have no idea what I’m supposed to be doing in this game! But it’s fun just to get there :)

They allow cheaters

Yeah, don’t waste your time. The game mods don’t care if someone cheats and uses a bot that tells people where their location is and how much time their shields have left on them and when to attack exactly when they drop. As long as you have money you can get away with anything in this game. But if you’re not willing to spend money developers do not care in the least.

P2W only

The game could be fun bc the design is good but you could put $100 into it and not be even remotely competitive. There is no way to succeed with your wits, strategy, and effort. Each game appears to be dominated by hackers with boosts that would cost $20,000 or more in total. Makes the game totally pointless as any time and $ you might invest will be meaningless vs these players. So it’s not a strategy game at all- just a who spends the most contest instead. None of this appears to be an accident. The game designers have to be aware of it. So bottom line don’t waste your time.

I dig it!


Pretty good

Pretty good game! Th 2 complaints I have is there is a little lag in it sometimes. But you level up quick, everyone is helpful and that’s great! There is too much of a gap between player levels because of the pay to play. I don’t mind the pay to play but I think there should be some way to keep everyone close to the same level. Not a level 60 when everyone else is a 20 just cause you wanted to break the bank. And then they become bullies in the game. There are enough bullies to go around in the real world , I don’t need it on my game play too.

Need more

Look at pirates of Caribbean. Way better rewards and game play. Need a lot of upgrades in this game.



If you have lots of extra money laying around this is the game for you!

This game is all about pay to play. It’s very unbalanced and quit simply if you don’t have the money to dump into this game you will get burnt out quickly.

Fix the balance... save the game

Their are at least 2 things making this fail shen it could be great... #1) Not requiring players to upkeep their Armies. This leads to impossibly powerful players who dominate the kingdoms as virtual Gods. All skill is replaced by the almighty credit card. If WB is worried this will hurt their sales... imagine how people would fork over money to pay for sustaining their mega-war machines. Even the series speaks to this with the Iron Bank, Golden Company (a mere 10,000 troops BTW), and the need to have alliances with houses that have required resources... which leads to problem number 2... #2) No Trading / Tribute Closely related to number 1... One of the realities of Alliances and Bannermen... that really fails in this game... is pledging men and/or resources to a liege or trading for them. I am sure your greatest fear is this will lead to developing 3rd party economies seeking to profit from the opportunity... You are dumb to fear this... you are clutching pennies and watching dollars pass you by. This opportunity could exponentially increase the income for your game with the increased game activity it would create... especially if you facilitate it somehow. See what happens if people actually had to feed or pay their armies. Your current upkeep system has zero effect... no one even bothers to consider it... all we care about is having to many resources so we don’t get farmed... not that we need them to upkeep our armies. UPDATE: The game is full of people using bots to cheat that are obtained through contacts on Discord servers and people buying discounted game packs (most likely helping launder dirty money for criminals or terrorists)... and WB knows about it... and does nothing... even when given specific Information....

Game is good but needs improvements

This game is fun and the strategic fun of it makes it worthwhile, however we need an option to help our allegiance by sending or gifting food and wood when necessary.

Fun for a short time

It starts out as a TON of fun, you can grow quickly and if/when you join a clan it’s fun way to meet new people. Eventually though you hit a point where you have to spend money to continue to develop. At that point you begin to get attacked by other players and an already long process takes even longer. In the end you just waste time and money and quit out of frustration.

Game of Glitches

So tired of the game glitching nonstop. I couldn’t get in the game for over 9 hours today during that time my shield expired and my troops cane back from collecting resources. Hmmmmm

Amazing !!!

This game is awesome !!!

More resources

Hey guys this is a beautiful game. I have a couple of suggestions. You guys should lighten up in timing it takes to build and make it easier to craft gear. The prices for gold is fine I just feel you could offer more for example: 99.99 -150k gold I promise you will make more money that way. You have to come up with a better system for food upkeep. Try having some of the earlier gear have a 25-35% knock off the upkeep for new players. The motive is to draw players in not turn them away. To do this you should be fair with the up keep and troop creation. The troop creation is too time consuming and takes too long. Please fix this by at least lowering the time constraints by 35-40 percent.

Lord Valayrian

The game still owes me 11,000 gold. Five tickets submitted and still no satisfaction.

Great Game

Have not been playing long but thoroughly enjoying it

Nice but.....

Nice twist but nothing new very similar to AoF I do enjoy the GoT theme though being a huge fan of the series. Graphics are nice slight learning curve but it has Tyrian so.... big fan.

Play for Free

Do NOT spend a dime on this game with in app purchases. The game is filled with bugs and glitches and it constantly crashes costing you items you just spent your money on to obtain. When you let them know about it and show proof and screenshots they just blow you off and ignore you. I DO NOT recommend this game and I especially DO NOT recommend spending your money on in app purchases

Pay to Play

Really like the game. Don’t love that you have to pay for packs in order to advance.

Fun with hiccups

Even though he app does glitch with a good handful of things, I still find it very fun and never inconvenient gameplay on a daily basis. The whole feel of the game keeping it GOT it what keeps me drawn to it.

Game of thrones conquest

This game is awesome

What a ripoff

The development team says they are working hard on this game.they have done nothing same as day one has got no better

When you’ve fallen in the trap

The f2p aspect of this game exists. I have an allegiance I belong to since October 2017 and there are members who play free. It’s tough but once you saddle up and buy your first pack it warrants you to continue buying more. I realize this. I do this willingly. Once you accept the fact that p2w is a plan that you subscribe to you expect the game and the mechanics to work flawlessly right? I wish it were the case. In the game they have events that pits your allegiance against others in various contests such as building items or troops and player versus player mode. Well, through no fault of my own I was given zero points or the correct acknowledgments during a PvP event. I have since contacted them through the games channels. I am still awaiting their reply. My 1 star review is for the games lack of support to readily and immediately remediate issues that are in game with its users. There is inept customer service and then there are the staff that serve this game. Which is another level of crazy. Play this game if you expect zero support for when something goes wrong in game.


The game is enjoyable to a point. The higher level you are the harder it gets, plus the amount of resources it takes to maintain an army of any decent size is ridiculous, not to mention the amount it takes to heal. Most of the game is really well thought out but a lot of the players succumb to “he said she said” and use that to drive their attacks. Just too time consuming. I’ve hit a point we’re I cannot grow at all without SPENDING money.


The game itself is very fun but the gap between they players that pay and the ones who don’t is very daunting. A recommendation I would make is add a trading post. Being able to trade stone for wood wood for food or food for stone would help all players especially the free to play players

Bug report

My food stored is below that of which the storehouse keeps, by my troops are still getting paid food. Can you fix this?

Great game!

This is a fun game for anyone but definitely great for GOT fans! I have played and been in alliances it gets wild. I have a family in real life and I don’t see it interfering with actual life haha I check morning and night how my realm is and I enjoy it A lot!



Love it!!

I love this game!! Except for the fact that it ya completely messed my sleep schedule up!


SHIELDS! They are so hard to come by. Always getting attacked by buyers when we work so hard to get where we are. They are too expensive for a mere 24h(gold coin wise) and there are no 7 day shields either & Never get them as rewards. That just makes those who play the game without buying/purchasing gold to quit the game.

Good game

The game is great if you have the money to spend on it to level everything that you need too. It is PAy to Win in a big way so unless you have $99.99 every week or more stay away from it.


Please fix the game notifications! It is not an apple server problem!!

Don’t do it!

Absolutely the most unbalanced pay through the nose to win game ever! If you enjoy having players with 10-20 times your power wipe you out because they can, there are no exp points for doing so or any other game related benefit, then this is your game! I’d give no stars if I could!

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