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Gary V!

Don’t bother with this game

Honestly, don’t bother downloading this game unless you are willing to spend thousands of dollars. I’m not exaggerating either. The game mechanics are terrible. When you first start the game, you’ll have a shield so other players can’t attack you. You can’t get to a decent level without spending money. After your shield disappears, high level players attack you and destroy your keep. You’ll have to rebuild by spending money again. Oh yeah, when you get destroyed, the game randomly teleports you to a new spot. The game teleported me to an area where creatures around my keep were over ten levels above me, making it impossible to attack. The only way to find your way back to an area around your level is to buy an “advanced teleport.” When I reached out to customer service, they said oh they couldn’t refund me the teleport I purchased because that’s the way the game was intended to play. Basically pay to play. Don’t waste your time or money on this game. You’ve been warned.

Need lots of $$$

This game is fun, but you better have a big wallet. You can only go so far and then you’re stuck without spending a lot of money to keep up. You will never be able to generate or gather the resources yo need to keep going and you’ll be constantly attacked by players that have paid to grow. I’ve invested a significant amount of money in this game, but if they do not improve the resource requirements, the kingdom will die out as players drop. Update....they have made two updates since my review. They must have the dumbest programmers on the planet. The game gets buggier and buggier each time they update it. They cannot seem to make it work. I and other have submitted multiple tickets but they seem to not care. The game is becoming no fun. Save your time and money and play something else.

P2W discrepancies

Huge advantage with P2W.... doesn’t even make me want to buy a few cheaper packs because there is no way to compete with the players that spend thousands. Too big of an advantage. Spending money should just make it EASIER to be a top player... not dictate whether you are one or not.

A very fun game

It’s more about communication and strategy than pure power

The best thing since the show.

Very fun to play, build and conquer your enemies. Got theme is awesome. They continuously make improvements to the game.

Handing over money

Pay to win game seems fair. At the beginning its not bad but the game then makes it only possible to advance if you hand over real money. I admit i did for a little bit but when i saw that it just keeps requiring money to do anything, got bored and irritated and quit. Shame. The game could have been really fun, but just not worth the money in my opinion. Tried to play without buying supplies with real money and realized that won’t work. Not worth it.


Please allow players to change their kingdoms at the beginning of the game at least once, other than that it's a great game.

P2W = uninstall

After getting pounded for the 4th time (all the way till I get transported), all with significant troops at home (all troops now wounded)... 3 mil food to recover?? The micro transaction revenue generating method is quickly killing the mobile gaming (at least for me).... Games where the only way you can even survive is to pay is destined for being “yesterday’s” game. Allowing free to play people to actual be successful (Pokémon, Clash of Clans) is the only way to be a long lasting game on the charts. It was awesome while I did play... there could be some sort of “you are too big to hit that small guy” scaling... then again tell that to Ramsey...

Smooth sailing

Same runs very smoothly in the early stages but we will see how it goes in the later stages

The most expensive game you will play

And if your not wanting to drop hard earned cash be prepared to not get anywhere. These games usually sell 99 cent packs, cheapest I saw was 4.99.... to 99... not worth it unless your willing to drop your whole months rent on a game. Also, the big spenders will roll right over you making it hard to even get anywhere... this game is seriously lopsided for pay to win types. And I know the devs will drop in a pre scripted BS response to my review, but the game is seriously unbalanced and not in a good way. I’m with the group that says stay away unless you plan on emptying your bank to this underdeveloped and unbalanced game. No need to reply devs.... we don’t need your sugarcoated BS response!

Could be fun, but it’s pretty much p2p

While the game itself is free, everything in the game is so imbalanced that it might as well be pay-to-play. Troop upkeep is insane and impossible to keep below the gain threshold, resources can take hours to gather, and key items are nearly impossible to obtain outside of events. There are a ton of changes and additions that could be brought in to make the game more accessible to those who can’t drop thousands of dollars to power level. 1: food costs- it is understandable that troops need to eat. However, never have i seen such an imbalanced cost-to-gain ration. In order to play the game, even just casually, you need a massive army to stave off the whales that drop boatloads of money. Troops cost food (and other resources) to train, but upgrading building also takes food, and so does healing. The farms that we build cannot support a reasonable number of troops. Either food gain needs to be drastically increased, or food cost needs to be drastically reduced. 2: farming- farms take far too long to fully harvest, with the higher levels taking upwards of 8 hours. Not in-game time, but 8 real hours. This needs to be reduced, especially considering the rate at which those resources are then used. 3: key items- key items need to be more readily available to players. Even the whales have trouble getting enough keystones, soldier pine, bricks, etc. 4: attack limits- there needs to be a hard limit on what power is attackable by each tier. +1mil power should not be able to hit under 1mil. +10mil should not be able to hit under 5mil. Seats of power would be fair game. 5: allegiance restructuring- the allegiance leader should be able to kick any member of the group, not just the ones directly beneath them. There should also be an option to make an allegiance invite-only, open, or apply and be confirmed to join. 6: inactive player booting- there are a ton of inactive accounts in each server. If an account has not logged in in 30 days, it should be removed from the map. Overall, the game would be fun if it wasn’t so easy to be squashed down to nothing. Having to spend a full Keep upgrade on healing is absurd, and makes it hard to have any fun.

Fun stuff

Really fun. But a little pay to win.

Boring after awhile

This game was great in the beginning. Seemed like what you did in game made a lot of sense. Then comes the part where everything requires money or things just takes too long. The people who spends the most can bully their way around and it seriously takes forever to build back up. After one massive hit you kind of lose interest in the game. Not bitter about it but the amount lost is pretty crazy versus the time spent to build it. It’s like the developers really make you want to spend money to build back up quick or else you are just left with nothing.

Don’t waste your time

It was ok to start, but doesn’t take long before you can’t get any bricks, which means you can’t really progress. Losing interest more and more every second


Fun AF

A lot of bugs

This game could be a great game, but the bugs in the game that prevents you from going to the map, and slow response to collecting troops and items in your inventory make the game hard to play.


Love this game


It’s a best movie and game thanks a lot I’m from Iran I LOVE GAME OF THRONES

Iron Throne - yours for $30K

The game developers erred severely. There are bonus packs you can buy to enhance your progress, often with no limit to how many you can buy, and players who are rich in real life have taken advantage of this to the detriment of the game. There is a group of players on the server I play on that have allied with each other, and have spent so much money on bonus packs that they have 40-50x the power of the average player. Unfortunately, the $30,000 referenced in my title line is not an exaggeration (and may actually fall short of some players’ total spend). These players make it clear by their actions and speech that they will be the only ones to hold not only the Iron Throne, but any location of relevance. Adding to the frustration of end-game futility, these rich players also bully, abuse, and sometimes threaten other players - all without consequence, despite such actions being forbidden in the EULA. But, of course, despite filing reports against these players for such actions, no action is taken by game managers (probably because these players are a fantastic revenue stream). It might be different if the game was driven by ad revenue instead of by purchase of bonus packs - I could see this being a good and interesting game with a level playing field. But I won’t hold my breath for such a change when WB is generating incredible amounts of revenue from bonus packs. So, in short, if you enjoy having no chance at success in a game, being randomly demolished, seeing slurs regularly used in chat, and seeing players threatened with rape, this may be the game for you. Or, likewise, if you have a spare $30,000 lying around then you might have fun here. But for most people - just don’t bother.


I take my time to help u as you say for 3hours! But you not in your promise for gold! I think it’s not good it’s like Irresponsibility

Not bad

It entertains me for now, but the need for bricks is annoying to upgrade

Great game

Who loves GOT?

Don't bother unless you want to spend THOUSANDS of dollars!

This is a good game, IF AND ONLY IF, you want to spend thousands of dollars. They set it up so you have to spend, and spend a lot of money. You cannot just play this game and not spend money. You get to a certain point and have to spend big. I was a level 16. I spent $300 and only moved up to a level 18. That was when I said enough is enough. They have this crap called solider pine that is required to upgrade most buildings. Well the only way you can get it in quantity is to buy packs with it in there. Also, you have to pay a troop upkeep, which eats away at your resources. If you get attacked, and lose, your resources go. So there is no real way to stock pile other resources either. The developers of this game are greedy, and they feed on the stupidity and/or competitiveness of people. DO NOT BOTHER WITH THIS GAME, unless you have thousands of dollars to blow on a pointless game that isn't really all that fun long term.

I think I've played this.

I don't remember what game it was but this a copycat of that game. I love the show best SOFT-CORE P0rn series


Relatively new, this game is sure to take #1 in various app stores, with its stunning display, encapsulating gameplay, and kind features. It is easy to pick up and the game provides new players with the right materials to essentially learn the game and thrive quickly.

Game of Thrones: The Iron Bank

What starts off as fun raids against other lower level players and creatures quickly becomes an insufferable grind. If your not shelling out $$$ don’t bother installing as you will hit a crescendo. Oh and watch your map placement because if you don’t land where you want they you’re royally ...


Dead servers everywhere

Its very good

Its soo beautiful

Simple process

So I played this until I couldn’t advance due to the non-availability of keystones. Perhaps what the devs fail to understand is the ftp players are the frequent targets of the ptw players. Ptw players who have limited targets stop paying. So dear devs, make it so that ftp players have an opportunity to grind for the needed pieces to advance so you keep both ftp and ptw players happy. Unhappy ptw players = no money spent. Get smart.


This game is small alliance comparisons and no helps as in league assistance with resources build time research time etc

Definitely Pay-to-Win

Game is fun when you first download it, but once you reach level ten, you effectively are unable to progress in the game unless you pay actual money for the resource bundles. Otherwise, expect to grind endlessly to just upgrade one building


GOT is just ok

Pay to win

Totally unfair and useless it’s just trying to steal your money it’s small version of EA

No Bricks!!!

Please make a masonry shop or something. It is way to hard to get bricks !!!!!!!

Typical pay to win game

Typical PTW game. At least its GOT. However once you get the Keep to 13 or 14 its nearly impossible to get any higher level without spending a gargantuan amount of money on materials and speed ups. Seriously need to even out the mob levels, level 4 and level 30 mobs have no business being in the same location. Need to either eliminate Special building materials, reduce their cost or make them much more abundant. Why would you need any thing more than the farmable resources of wood, stone, iron. We shouldn't have to farm 7 million wood, 7 million stone and still need a ridiculous amount of special bricks, soldier pines on top of that? I don't see the game lasting for too much longer if they don't make this free to play game more affordable.

Best app I've ever played



I usually lose interest in these kind of games after about a month, but so far this one is t looking that way. The fact that it’s game of thrones themed is just that much better. So, far I’ve witnessed them pushing out updates left and right and still a long list to come. I have high hopes for this game and so far it has not disappointed.


Nice to play when board with time.

Game is ok

Good at the start but can cost a lot of money if you want to rankup between now and next year.

Time 8:34 PM

Takes time to get use to the time killing app but it's really fun. Keep a sharp mind.

Great time sink

Lots of fun to kill the hours

Good game- Questionable developers.

I did 35 minute survey on tuesday. After finishing it said i would receive 30k gold in 2-3 days. Over three days later, nothing. This is very disturbing, because this great game is run by crooks who havent kept their promises. -Update- got my gold. Game is worth it, but it is Pay to Play. If you want to compete expect 50-1000$. (depending on how competitive you want to be)

Very unbalanced, also not complete

Bugs all over, 2 building that are still under development and you are forced to build the. And upgrade them to level up without getting any benefits. Servers are mixed with free to play and play to win player which makes it impossible to stand a chance. Maybe there should be a way to separate them or limit how much resources higher level can take from low levels.

Pay to Win

It favors those that make dollar purchases to level up over those that do not. For this reason, I’ve rated it 1 star.

Great balance of social and in game play

Great game. There is a great balance of i game and out of fame social and play. The developers are still adding and creating new and exciting events and treasures. Love this game.



General Lifesbane

I think this game is great. Of course some things are working themselves out, but we’ve got espionage, alliances, maneuvering on a grand scale... it’s like Civilizations and Warcraft. It’s not really a free to play (f2p), nor is it a pay to win... it’s difficult, challenging, frustrating, and fun.

Needs a lot of work still.

I would be rating the game at 5 stars, because I do love it. But it’s still super glitchy, still lots of features that don’t even work yet, and some people over buy the in app purchases and ruin the game for people that don’t spend much, or don’t spend at all. In app purchases are great, but there comes a point where you can’t progress without buying, and that is unfair. In app purchases should be EXTRAS or a little help, not necessary to play. They are definitely game breaking and it’s disappointing.

Update won’t let me play

This is my only way to let the developers know of the problem I am having. The game is telling me I have an update, but I don’t. Either I update the game or quit. I have no App Store update available. Please fix this problem and I will give this game 5 stars.

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