Game of Thrones: Conquest™ App Reviews

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Unfixed Glitch

I’ve submitted multiple tickets about this and the developing team doesn’t seem to think it’s an actual problem. I could have 1M or more in wheat and leave the game. When I come back, my wheat has gone down to the protected amount which is 460k at the moment. The developing team seems to think that it’s due to troop upkeep and whatever else. But if I send my troops to gather at a Lvl 6 plot, that is NOT the case. Plus it shouldn’t drop all the WAY down by almost 100%. Why would I waste my money if they’re not gonna fix a glitch that huge? I can’t even go to the next lvl keep!

Good game if you’re willing to pay

What the title says. The game is good if you’re willing to pay $100’s of dollars in micro-transactions. If not, don’t waste your time, as the developers clearly do not care AT ALL about free to play players.


I have never liked these sort of games, but my love of Game of Thrones pretty much made me buy it. Turns out I love it so much I don’t even look at my Snapchat anymore. That’s says a lot, because I love Snapchat. But now it’s this game!


Best game ever

I lost my main account

I heard I could make additional accounts to use in order to get resources required for leveling up & healing quicker. I was told I could do this if I have more than one Facebook account, which I do or with google accounts, which I have 2 of, or by connecting one to the Game Center. I bound my main account to my main Facebook account, then made a new account which I bound to the game center. Later I made another account which I bound to my other Facebook account. I did this because when I tried to switch accounts from my main to the account I had bound to the Game Center the game strangely made me a brand new account instead of opening the one I had already bound to the game center. Every time I have tried to open ANY account I bind to the game center it creates a brand new account...... after I made the account that I bound to my other Facebook account the game stopped giving me the option to log in using my original Facebook account 😢 I have logged out of all Facebook accounts on browsers as well as the app & it only wants to use my secondary Facebook account to log into the game! I even deleted the app from my phone & removed all Facebook accounts from my device but it only lets me log onto the game with that one Facebook account. This is extremely frustrating as I was only trying to be able to continue playing the game because my troops are constantly wounded & I have to heal them nonstop. In addition my game gives no option for using a google account. If I cannot use my main account I have no option but to quit playing the game altogether!

Great app



Love this game. Wish I didn’t have to spend so much to do so much


I’ve been playing GOT Conquest since it was first released. It was a very fun experience being in one of the very first servers. Lots of players, lots of clans, lots of friends being made. However, over time that started to diminish. I’ve spent a little over $1,000 on this app. That might be difficult to believe for a lot of casual players, but there are players still in this particular server who have spent $30,000+ (that’s not a typo). The server became one big clan with money players against another big clan with money players. It didn’t help that update, after update, after update grossly favored the money players effectively killing off 75% of the players who couldn’t spend to keep up. With all of this said any new player should be warned that if you aren’t willing to spend $3,000-$5,000 on this app to stay relevant then you might want to avoid this game. It was fun while it lasted and I’m sure the newer servers are a little better towards new players, but all it takes is one person to spend an insane amount of money to make that particular server top heavy and it’s a domino affect from there. Good luck!


The code base is terrible and the developers have no idea what they are doing. The level of glitches is out of control. And seems to get worse, not better, over time. The packs are seriously over-priced. It will cost you no less than 2-3,000 dollars to be at all competitive in the game. Upwards of $20,000 if you want to reach max level. Simple things like peace shields glitch out and get you zeroed without so much as a notification. And the customer support is terrible.

Poorly Designed

This game could be great. The players have invested so much money (myself included). There are so many glitches in this game, with no compensation. I have invested thousands of dollars and lost it all in a matter of seconds because of a glitch. This has happened to multiple users. The developers don’t seem to want to fix the issue or compensate the users affected.

Horrible support and game play.

Though it was intended to be a play to win game, it requires a lot more pay than play. WB has some very bad practices in their game support. They will reward you sometimes greatly for their poor performance in game. This amount of compensation seems to depend greatly on how much you have spent with them. I submitted several tickets to support for the same issue as some other players in game, they received millions in in game currency, I received nothing and was told it was my fault. In addition to this they have several areas for reporting an issue that will auto close your ticket so that it will not be looked into any further. In regards to gameplay, as others have said, it lags... ...a lot. Many players complain about not being able to shield themselves in time because of lag issues. There are also some serious lagging issues in attacking. In a game that operates “real time” lag should never be an issue. Be aware if you spend but I suggest don’t start, it’s not worth the time it takes to download.

Great Game

This is an outstanding game but I believe there should be more Bannerman slots and you should be able to see you soldiers go to war or be able to watch them battle if you wanted to.

Pay to win

If you want to be the best you have to pay plain and simple And whenever you start the game for some reason it shamelessly bombards you with the deal of the moment like 3-4 pop ups and the positioning of them is basically trying to get you to accidentally pay for crap Money hungry developer ruined what could have potentially been a fun game from Got fans

Buggy and impossible to advance without $$$

The gameplay itself is a lot of fun. It seems to be a re-skin of The Godfather game, but much more fun. Unfortunately, the downsides vastly outweigh this. First of all, this is possibly the buggiest game I’ve played. Your wall will randomly burn, or take damage, even without being attacked. Using speed-ups to finish tasks faster doesn’t always work. Resources randomly disappear during collection. Healed soldiers frequently stay wounded, despite the huge cost to heal them. The message alerts go off regularly, even when there are no messages. I could go on and on. Even worse than this, the gap between FTP and PTW is insurmountable. If you’re not willing to drop hundreds of dollars, you will be at the complete mercy of those who are. Expect almost daily attacks and living perpetually with so few resources that you’re not able to upgrade or advance at all. In the end, if your last name is Gates, Buffett or Bezos, you may have a great time with this game. For the rest of us, it’s very discouraging.

Current progress and hindrances

I like the many differences between this and other games. I don't understand why there isn't an external sign that a Keep has been damaged or it's wall has been diminished to 0%. There is an extreme difficulty earning proper amounts of wood. Some percentage even if it were small, should be awarded during these events. Unless, of course, your only desire is to force users to purchase packs that have lumber. If that is the goal, then there should be a pack that features a larger amount of wood!!!! Congrats!! You are following the same path as JoyCity.

Just play Iron Throne!

This game is too buggy and money hungry, just download Iron Throne, it what this game should be...

Avoid at all cost!

No way to even enjoy the game after you build up past level 12 (1-2weeks) without spending a huge amount of money. The top players in the kingdom have spent thousands and thousands of dollars and since any level can attack any level player the little guys don't stand a chance. Nothing like building up to have to start all over from zero every 3 days from attacks by players you will never have a chance to fight back against. Don't waste your time.

A game for rich people

I love the game but it has become an elitist game that prices most packs at $50-100 USD. Now, I having said that it’s a free game and I love it but the meek get trampled by the rich. I’m asking that they either reduce prices or make grinding it out a little easier.

Good fun

Fun game but if you play don’t do it alone get with a good house and strategize as a team

Another money grabbing game

There is about 100s games like this very similar and all they rip u off on money , you wouldn’t build ur castle and able to compete unless spend 5000$+ . I used to play game of war - biggest rip off like this one .... I recommend Play Forge of Empires game instead , much better game and no crazy money needed

Money grabber

It cost a lot to fight and keep up with people who spend $100’s of dollars a month; or cheat the system to get gold. Would be better if they were in separate kingdom.

Bad Game, Terrible Customer Service

The game is on a Clash of Clans style platform, but with a big twist. In this game there are items that are needed for progressing in the game that you can only buy from their store. This makes for a huge P2W gap. Once you finally get going this game is so buggy that you can have a protection shield active and still get attacked. To make things worse this game also will not notify you that your being attacked like you set. And if those two were NOT enough, you can get attacked and have the troops to defend your keep only to find out the game didn’t deploy all your troops for defense. This is where the terrible customer service comes in, if you put in a help ticket regarding their bugs, they do nothing but tell you the game mechanic is not designed like that. When you try to respond you get an auto generated email that states your hell ticket was closed. So if you want to play a game that your not going to waste your time and your money, this is NOT the game. WB and Turbine made the worst game period with this one and care even less for the people playing it.

Not worth the download on iPhone

May as well say don’t work on iPhone 6 I’ve downloaded this game 5 or 6 times cause I had it on android and I can’t even play 5 seconds on my iPhone without it getting to a point that I can’t do anything on the screen please fix cause I love the show and would love this game

Great game

Love the show and this game, glad my friend gave me the heads up on this.

Server integrity leads to cheating

Could be a good game except the servers have security holes that allow players to exploit information rendering the game completely unfair. Basically, cheating is rewarded, and developers are looking the other way. I expect a class action suit will inevitably come from this.

Coins & Avatar

So I’m back to 3 stars... coins with the gifts.. this should be something permanent and about the avatar.. I think it would be better if we could custom create our Avatar however we choose. It would make this game so much more fun instead of just the characters of GOT. I mean having the characters from GOT is good but being able to create our own avatar?.... Even Better;)

GoT game

A relative beginner, but loving it so far.

Not bad

Good to kill some time but.. hate the micro transactions thing

Only for big spenders

This game could be fun, but just like the others of this type, the only way to win anything is to spend... a lot. Fortunately you can still die for free, if that's your thing... Shielding and relocating is costly, meaning you HAVE to buy expensive packs to protect your investment (time building and money spent). The alliance structure system is a complete pain to deal with (the worst I've ever seen). Unless you have loads of real money that you have no clue what to do with, or extract joy from being zeroed easily and regularly, don't bother. Even buying small packs won't help you here.

Nice but Expensive!

Be prepared to spend a $&)%load of 💰 to advance.

New update

It takes a long time to load

Cash Grab

If you’re a new player, I would tell you to stay away as the current state of the game would likely just use you as food for higher players and ppl who spend lots of money on it. For the last 3 or 4 months my entire experience with this game has been something like this: -I log in to find my keep has been sacked and my army’s wiped out by someone 10+ levels above me -I spend a week or so gathering resources from my fields to heal my soldiers -As soon as I’m almost back up to full power, I get a notification that someone is attacking again, meaning I either have to waste a peace shield and hope they forget me, or let them annihilate my keep and start the process over again Haven’t deleted it yet because it’s only costing me the space on my phone (I refuse to put a single dollar into this until it offers something fun or unique) and I’m just kinda passively checking it now and then hoping maybe today is the day I’ll get to use my food/wood to upgrade my wall or something besides healing my troops. There’s potential here, but as it is this is a very slow 1 dimensional game. Give up all hope of capturing Winterfell or Riverrun or any major castle unless you’re willing to fork over $100 or more. I still enjoy it I guess on some level but if this continues I’ll probably delete it soon.

Unfair for new people

There are so many high people with 20 times more power than you(I’ve seen someone with 100m) that will attack you when you don’t even have 1m yet. This is very frustrating when your first starting out and makes it almost impossible to upgrade when you constantly get attacked as soon as you get recourses. You basically have to pay for shields if you want to live. Also, when you get to a certain level it’s basically impossible to grow without paying. That’s when you gotta make the fake farm accounts and trust me, that’s not fun

Game thoughts

I think the game is good and being apart of clans is a great team side to the game. Only down side I see is the no limit to how much some people can spend for great advantages. If you can not put in any money, it’s not a game for you.

Great game to play

This game is a lot of fun as long as you are not getting wiped out by the game glitches and having your troops and resources disappear with a game update. Game is great way to spend time and getting to met new people and working as a team. Issues to fix: cost to build once you get to level 15 needs to be smaller amounts of of each resource it is almost impossible to get 12 mill RSS unless you buy it and the Brinks, Solider Pine and other other random items you need are way to high as well. Need to bring back the fire in the keeps once they have been attacked. Need to make it harder for the 15 million power player not to wipe up and much lower power players. Have no way to grow to their levels without spending tons of real money and still all your hard work and real money is waste with one or two attacks from them. ( 5 level 25’s and up should not be allowed to rally someone that is lower than a 22) Purchased package need to have more resources and more extra item you can not farm to take from another player.


I so love the way this game is now

Game of Thrones conquest

This is fun! Great game, never grows old.

Very disappointed!!!!!

Pay to play Money App! The resources are too expensive up to $100. Ridiculous! The game glitches so much you lose money and troops and Customer Service passively redirects you to forum with random questions or tell you to be more careful. The small player gets crushed in this game unfortunate:


5 Stars!

It’s nearly impossible to get past level 14 if you are non spender

The game is fun, interesting and addictive, but there’s a huge gap between spenders and non spenders, the march lines are exposing the players’ locations, the mew reinforce rules are making it hard non spenders to save their troops, the PVP events are making it much harder, you should add 2 more things, trading resources with my group, and a safe place to hide some troops inside the keep for a specific time like in lords mobile, you should make it easier for players to grow, people enjoy other games like Lords Mobile because it’s much easier, but really this game has a chance to be the best war game ever, just make it easy for non spenders to grow, not to quit and play other games.

Like all the others

Its like every other typical games in the aps..


Great game but expensive


So this game moves fast for several levels and then, around lvl 15 it takes a huge leap in cost of resources. The cost of rss is significantly huge compared to the amount of rss your lvl 14 warehouse can protect so if you get hit you are zeroed. Unless you can pay out loads of cash, you will save for a long time to level up , if you aren’t zeroed first. The rss spots are WAY too small for the amount of rss you need. Glitches galore

Pay to win

Either you pay to win or you spend several centuries trying to build a meager amount of power. Absolute garbage game. Pay to win gaming is an insult to actual strategy games and panders to lowest common denominator consumers.

Needs work

Game needs balanced there is no way to grow when people who spend 100s to 1000s of dollars can wipe you out i one hit then there are the bugs my favorite is when you heal troops and they don’t show in your keep so you restart the game only to have it crash instantly and when you log in someone has teleported next to you and wiped out all your troops you just healed and more so you file a issue about this glitch and get either and automated response or a sorry we can’t do anything for you have a nice day the game would be good with some work but for now 2 stars

Completely pay to play

Play if you have the money to spare. Also know that there are no caps on getting attacked. So if you are a low level and a very high level attacks you, you won’t stand a chance. You can pay for peace shields though.

GOT: Conquest

Fun game but very glitchy.

Not bad

There are a lot of restrictions for taking seats of power. Kinda takes the fun out of it.

In game name bootymuncher

Was fine playing it until this morning. Now it’s stuck on the loading screen saying “filling coffers”. I can hear the in game music as well being played along with the loading screen music. I thought maybe if I just leave it for 10 minutes it’ll load, nope it still didn’t load. I’m about to delete the game because if I’m not able to play it I might as well delete it because it’s taking up space.


I am unable to utilize and download any of the updates....

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