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Expensive, but Addictive

Wish it didn’t cost so much to keep going at anything faster than a snails pace after level 14. But the game is awesome and you make so friends if you join an allegiance.

Pay to win

This game pretty much begs you for money.

GoT: Conquest

It is a really fun game and I love the strategy that you have to put into it. The one thing I don't like about it is that it's a game that you really have to commit to and the more powerful players don't like the new guys. Overall I like the game 4/5.

Data overload

The game use to be fun before the last update, because the game could be played without needing access to the internet via a internet provider. I could quite literally play it anywhere. After the newest update however everything runs slower and you need high speed internet to play without any lags. The graphics are good, but that means nothing if the availability to play is diminished.

Beutifily done (only problem is that you have to pay to have fun)

Great game for the fans of the series I love the way they incorporate everything from the books and the show like songs to describe creatures, The correct names of houses and The families that live in them you enjoy it At first when it’s easy and doesn’t require real money but at some point you need to pay to have fun and that’s the only negative about this game I love how the developers listen to reviews and actually care about this game And I also love that you need to make alliances with other players and it makes it a very social game and that is rare, if you are a game of thrones fan you would love this game.

Lord Crazy Comments

I like it but sure wish it was easier to find people that are within your alliance. Over all fun game.

Pay to win only!

So basically is you don't have money to burn you might as well just give up now. All the pay to win players are dominating in every server and theres literally no way to stop them. This is my second server and it's extremely unfair!

Lovely game but could be better

Wish there could be trailers and more visuals , it’s can be sometimes boring. We should be able to acquire warriors too,not just leaders . It’s a little ridged , nice game but could be better

Great game

It’s a great addictive game. It is built for you to give it money subconsciously so I would set a budget if you are okay with giving your money away to a game.

Must get

Great game

Pretty decent but...

I’m having a few issues with game and sent a ticket. Unfortunately I just found out they don’t respond to get an automated response. I would prefer a response from a service rep so that I can be assured my issue is taken care of. If I buy your packs...I expect service issues to be individually addressed

Love this game but plz add this feature!!!!

Game is good but please add meet in battle field feature. Where when two players have an issue they can go into open war with out having to worry about rallying! Like you send your troops and I’ll send mine and see who wins! Having to attack castles is cool and all but this feature would be very appreciated!!

Great game! But...

This is a great game to play but there could be minor changes such as making necessary building supplies easier to obtain and protect (especially when buildings require 5M food and wood to upgrade and anyone with over 1M rss is likely to be hit and having to start from scratch). Otherwise enjoyable!


Although a nice looking game and general concepts are compelling, resources are way too hard and expensive to keep interest in advancing. After I hit level 14 castle (which I spent waaay too much money to buy wood and such), I decided it’s not worth it to continue playing.

Download this game stat and join Kingdom 36

While there are some gameplay problems, it has been a throughly enjoyable time with the friends I’ve made!

Glitches and HOles

I played this game for a few months and I was in one of the earlier kingdoms and as people quit we weren't left with much to do in game. This game needs constant supervision if your not a coiner. I understand p2w but this was a bit excessive I put about $250 in this game and with one hit your done. I met cool people in the game but that was the only good part. Good graphics but many glitches.

Extremely fun.

This is an amazing game and I hope that they continue to update it. It will be very fun in the future. Pls add more stuff that you can battle and maybe have a player finder or something that shows places with no peace shield or tells the level of the kingdom. Thanks


Greatest game ever! A lot of fun, frustrating at times only with having absolutely no patience waiting to grow without spending money! Have spent a lot!

Is it a bluff or what?

First of all, it is an outright copy of the game Clash of Kings. Second, it wasn’t at all expected from Warner Bros to make a game of such low standard. Really shocked to see such a blasphemy.

Not Bad but needs editing.

I think this game is a marvellous idea, and it’s looking pretty good, except for a few things, hence why I’m giving one star. The main issue is all of the dialogue and text on the screen is written in commands. It doesn’t show proper words like in other war games. Otherwise, the game itself looks fun, I just wish I could understand what buttons do what :)

Just another pay to win game!!

This is your typical pay to win game that is using GOT to attract players. I understand that free app games are trying to make a profit somehow, but they created a game where it is near impossible to advance without spending money. These apps have ruined the gaming industry, just look at EA.

Game of Thrones Conquest

Fun but time-consuming.Occasionally getting billed for items I did not authorize is the biggest downer to this game out. Getting refunded can be time-consuming and frustrating. I’m considering quitting the game over this issue.

Game Of Thrones Conquest

This game while fun in terms of game play is dominated by unbalanced factors The 1st being the tier system for bannermen lieges have no control over who can just join an Alliance when it suits them and often it cause problems because those that do are new to the game and are not active. There should be a way to lock our bannerman openings to prevent trolls and trouble makers from joining an alliance and stirring up trouble under the alliance flag

Lack of help from support/ huge bugs

Hey my gamer name is K0DAK from Kingdom 22 and I’ve sent many tickets but no responses have been made for me . So let me tell you what has happened after this newest “update” Today I lost like 900k power because the game lagged and I couldn’t recal a march , as soon as I pressed recal the game said error which cost me over 900k power , and another note : sense you made the events harder for higher level players (I have tier 9 troops) you made the events extremely harder to complete, so why not make better packs for higher level players? And am I going to be repaid or something for my lost troops? Or no

Good game.

The only reason 4 stars and not 5 is because lately my walls have been getting damaged with out notice. Other than that it’s a good game.


Es buena lo admito. La causa de que no duerma pensando que me atacarán o ami alianza 😂😂😂🤷🏻‍♂️

Poor Execution/ Great Game

The game play is great but WB and developers get a F-. 3 months in you still get”We are working on it” responses. Unless you want to spend big money to advance avoid this game it’s designed for money players.

I want to like the game but..

Buggy as heck. Chat often doesn’t work. Many things are not working yet and as others have said “servers are drying from people leaving”. Money players just crush others.

SCAM: watch for phantom charges!

BEWARE! This game charges purchases to your account without authorization and without order numbers. They refuse to compensate. This app is just a money grab, and a shady one. SCAM!


There has been an incredible amount of cheating using bots to locate ppl on the app. It’s not worth putting your money into if you don’t have a fair stance. I’ve spent money on it to watch someone else cheat isn’t appealing. A lot of ppl are quitting because of this issue


Kinda had it with this game. Really isn’t a point. Not even sure why traps are a thing when they all get destroyed with no casualties to attackers. All your soldiers can be wiped out with two attacks while you’re away from the game, requiring days to build back up. Any progress above 10 means you HAVE to pay, otherwise you’ll get attacked for your resources. All in all pretty pointless when I’ve met people who play other mobile games for years and still enjoy them.

Super fun!!!

I’m kinda addicted tbh

Want to give it a 5 Star

This one the ultimate P2W game. The game itself is fun and one of the few I have not lost interest in a week, but something needs to change to keep it going. Way too often people that can not pay get knocked down too often by players so many levels higher than them. After you get knocked down, it takes a lot to work yourself back up. Some of the bigger plays love to help out, but others can be bullies. You have to have thick skin to play this game.

Pay to be relevant

customer service is rough, losing players everyday, needs to fix some of its problems and not be a game where you need to pay to be relevant

Good game

There are a lot of improvements made by the developers who actually listened to the players. Yes there will be p2w abusers like in every game but now its easy for anyone dedicated to catch up even without spending. Much better game than it was before!

Waste of time. Don’t play

This game is fun for about a week. There are 3 clans that wipe everyone out constantly. I was attacked by 29k troops and only wounded 500 while all my 12k troops and traps were wiped out. 1.3 million food to heal them. That takes about a week. This game is a total money grab to get you to buy resources. Do not play.

War god

This is the best war game in the market! And ironically it’s based on my favorite book/show! 5 stars!!!


Great game, hours of enjoyment.

People attack repeatedly

So I was enjoying this game until a used by he name of Serfoxxy ruined it for me. He attacked me repeatedly over 20 times while I was asleep. I know people can do this when you are not in the game but that many times?! There should be something to stop that. So thanks to him and the fact that people can do that I am done. No longer will be playing this game no matter how much I love GOT.

Get ready to spend hundreds of dollars

The game is fun... up until you have to fork over hundreds of dollars just to level up your keep so you can get stronger. They make stuff so impossibly hard to get, you have no choice but to pay real money. If you don’t, you’ll be weak and others who payed to play will eat you alive. This game won’t last long if it keeps on like this.

Just twenty minutes in

A bit grindy, but not too slow. Somewhat confusing interface, but fun interactions.

Great game

Love it

Game of thrones conquest

Very fun war game

Good game but you can’t keep up if you don’t purchase packages

It is a great very entertaining game in the beginning. Once you advance to higher level it gets little bit boring because it takes a day to upgrade one building. If you want to play free and don’t intend to be purchasing game packages, you will fall behind and it will be hard to keep up with stronger players who put a lot of money in the game. I do like the chat section and that you can chat with other people and make new friends. The game has nothing to do with GOT except they named the castles after the houses in the series.

Great game!

This game is incredibly unique.

Great concept, but....

Cheating with the use of bots that scan the map, giving out all player locations to the person running the bot. One such bot can be found on discord under the “three eyed raven” name. Others are created by players in kingdoms used freely with their clan. These are clear violations of WB’s terms of service. WB has taken HUNDREDS of complaints on the matter with the same response. “Too bad”. Don’t give them a dollar.

Good game, terrible online support

I’ve been playing for a few months now. I started a while back and had some issues with servers and not being able to play with friends because I joined independently of them. I contacted customer support to inquire about switching servers... not to switch, because I had spent a $50 on resources but I was switched to a new server anyway and lost all of the progress I made and more importantly the resources that I had just purchased. I work in customer service and that was pretty upsetting. All of that said. It’s a pretty fun game. The two star rating would probably be pushed up to a 4 star if it weren’t for the pay to play nature of the game. I would give the online support zero stars so I figure two is a good medium.


This is a fun game 10/10

Game is impossible to grow unless spend lots of $$

I have played many games like this before and they are all pay to be competitive as game progresses but this one may take the cake. I don’t expect the game to be free as they are not a charity, and their developers need to get paid too, and i am sure there is a hefty royalty to HBO for using the “GOT” title.. so my gripe is not with having to pay but it is the gouging, and I am going to give an example... the first 10 levels you progress at a decent pace and then in order to move further you need things called keystones which you can only get from packs or by purchasing them with gold at 250 per keystone... now let me give you an example of how much a pack costs for these keystones along with the amount needed for a building... For keep/castle to get to level 12 (as of right now there are 30 lvls) you need aquire 14 keystones which equates to 3500 gold. They are so rare to get them in this game it is fair to say close to impossible... also 14 that is just for the keep, another 8 to get to lvl 12 maestros tower...and there are about 15 building that need to get upgrades so if you do the math it is about 100 keystones or more and that is at a low level of 12!!!!! and nevermind the other rss that you need to acquire... at least with the other rss you can harvest/fight caravans to get it, so no gripe there... now back to the 3500 gold piece... you get on average in a 99$ pack 100 keystones and 80k gold... so essentially as all buildings need keystones... at level 11 it costs you roughly 100$ to go from level 11 to 12... I can’t imagine what it would cost later on... I have spent a lot of money, (thousands) in another game but I will not spend a dime more in this game because I can see that the cost to this game is 10X worse than The Vikings game to be competitive .. until they put keystones out to harvest at a reasonable rate I am done with this game... I know I will get the canned response the developers are working on this etc etc... bud they have been able to put caravans for brick and other materials, it is not hard to make a keystone caravan, the developers can very easily set the coding up to do this....but they know these keystones are the money grab... can’t progress without them... (look at other reviews everyone is complaining about keystones).... servers are dying and players leaving because of it.. anyway I would have more respect if they just said hey you need to pay through the nose once you get to a certain point if you want to play competitively. Instead of “the developers have heard this and we are working to make the game more fun and competitive for all”. Might as well be a politician on the other end!

Game of Thrones Conquest

Overall I enjoy this game very much. Anyone who has the patience to play games like clash of clans, can play this game. Only thing I dislike about it is that you only get one builder for upgrades. Although, sometimes you do come across an extra free builder that will last for a day or two. Other than that, I like the concept of the game.

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