Game of Thrones: Conquest™ App yorumlar

Good, but P2P

The game is fun and is a good way to pass time between seasons, but the only way to do well in the game is to pay money to level up. Lower level character get wiped out all the time by the larger P2P characters.

Game changes make the unbalanced game worse

If you don’t want to spend money you are basically screwed, previous versions you were able to protect your troops by sending them to stronger players in your alliance or your alliances seat of power. now powerful bored pay to win players can destroy you even if you are in the most powerful alliances and if you are a solo player forget even trying. Your resources and troops are wiped out before you can participate in the events that offer you shields or other items to save yourself my advice is don’t bother with this game. Also customer service ignores you when basic gam function stop working like collecting for quests and daily quests.

Money pit & glitches

This game is geared for people with black credit cards. You have to buy or you die by people who spend the money. And those who turn in false reports for gold. When legit claims with proof go uncompensated.

Minor problems .

The game is good so far .But when I tried to collect my awards for upgrading the training yard it wouldn’t let me.

Too many power houses for you to get anywhere

There are so many major keeps that are at a ridiculous power rate that if you start you will never get no where

Game of Thrones

I like the game so far. I have only been playing for a few days.

Credit card warriors need apply

Fun, to be sure, but to have ANY level of success or be competitive in any way, you need to spend, and spend heavily. If you’re looking for something to spend your money on, don’t waste it in this, since a month or two in, you’ll have to swap servers again anyways because that’s what happens. Idea guys, you’d make more money if everyone could actually have a chance to be successful through skill, not throwing away my kids college savings...

Just Bad!

Downloaded it wanted to play but It keeps freezing. I deleted it.

Freezes and crashes all the time

This game has a lot of potential but I’ve been juggling constant issues since my first day downloading it.

It is fun

To many big players $$$. Sorry I can’t spend that much.

Clunky start

Early game play is confusing but it clears up around Keep level 6-7. Fun to think of yourself in Westeros.

Worst Customer Service and just a Cash Grab

After multiple contacts with WB support and Apple Support I am deeming this game a fraud. They will allow you to lost everything you have purchased in-game to a bug on their end and then tell you. “We are sorry we can’t replace your lost items.” I also would recommend that if you want to play this game make sure you don’t purchase and in-game packs. Purchasing the in-game packs at a lower level is a waste of money as your keep grows the same packs for the same amount of money contain more in them. This is fraud and just a cash grab. I have reached out to my Financial Institution and the BBB to address this. You can’t charge consumers the same price for a lesser valued package as you do another consumer for the same package for the same price that is better.

اتمنى توفرون الغه ألعربيه

اتمنى توفرون الغه ألعربيه 💔💔

Awesome game

Best game ever

Great idea but lots of bugs.

It's can be a great game.but it's has lots of bugs. I can't open the map,I can't research.and lots other things


BULLIES ARE ON THIS GAME!!!! And they will attack you for no good reason so it will be very hard building your keep!!! And this app makes you pay for a lot of rss which is really stupid. ITS NOT WORTH IT


And with depth.

Only in it for money

Although the game can be fun you have to spend way to much money to advance, and there are way to many bugs and glitches that cause major loss in game. When you address these glitches the game operators refuse to fairly compensate your losses. I would not recommend this game to anyone and I am sadly disappointed I spent as much money as I did, because in the end it was not worth it. When I say the game operators are only in it for the money it is fact. So not waste your time or money on his game.


Gave it 3 stars because the customer and developer support is, simply put - inadequate. Fun pay to win game otherwise.


When I get a notification because of a scout or an attack I sometimes are forced to update the game. By the time it does update.... I lose everything!!!! This happened to me a lot because there are a many updates!!! VERY FRUSTRATING!!!!! 😡😡😡😡😡

Pretty good

Pretty good game! Only complaint I have is there is a little lag in it sometimes. But you level up quick, everyone is helpful and that’s great!

Philosophy of the game

The negative aspects of this game are more than its positive aspects. One of them is propaganda of violence and betrayal. Unlike the main storyline -which Night Walkers along with the traitors are supposed to be wiped out and wisdom and honesty be the winner- in this game, the more ruthless and treacherous you are, the more you grow and be supported by the game creators. In an particular event, it was explicitly told to attack other players and score points. Many of the alliances were smashed, and many people who had no sin other than they were new in the game were destroyed by those who had no advantage except that they started the game a bit earlier, and all for a few silly points. Of course, newer players can stay in the game if they spend a lot of money to purchase the resources required for repairing damages. It's better to provide an opportunity for people to trade in a business center and get ready to fight with the night walkers rather than fight and kill each other. Nobody has chance to join and success in the game from now on because big allegiances won’t accept and support him according to his level and others will mention him as a farm. Really players feel like they are new version of gladiators in Colosseum providing fun and financial outputs for Caesar.

Fun to start - and then Not

This game lures you into the fun of advancing in levels and achieving challenges - and you can easily get to keep level 10 in a week for free. But after that the slope on the advancement curve starts looking like a hockey stick, and getting to #20 will take *many* months and/our hundreds of dollars. The game places you amongst players who have paid thousands of dollars to achieve super high levels, and PVP can wipe out much of your progress at any minute. To avoid this you must purchase shields to protect your meager advancement which require gold which mainly comes with $. This is a very difficult game to play without constant investment - so beware! If you want to play for free, you can, but you will likely we wiped out (zeroed) before your first month is over. The game also suffers from more than its share of freezes, crashes and bugs which can also ruin your progress if you trip on them at the wrong time (like during PVP) - and this can impact the biggest of players. WB tends to be very meager on compensation, so these can be very expensive things to hit.

Game of lie😪🤨

You make me so stupid to believe this game was what you showed on the ad 😞...I’m deleting it now

Glitches out a lot

Don’t waste your money. You have to dump large amounts to be competitive and even so, bugs in the game cause you to lose progress without the developers correcting the problem and/or providing reimbursement for their game errors. Huge disappointment. Oh, and their “tips” are to update and check your connections. I have 1000 mbps download speeds. It’s not the connection, it’s the game. Spend your time and money elsewhere.

Better be RICH

Unless you want to pay $100’s of dollars to play find something else. You run out of resources quickly. Unless you purchase more you can’t do much. Lots of bugs..........

Cost so much

Requires you to spend so much money in the game just to have other players attack you and everything is destroyed. Then you have to spend more money to revive everything. Be prepared to spend $50-$100


Lov it, hella groovy.

Getting fed up

I’m a huge game of thrones fan and I was excited about this game but now it’s getting out of hand. I’ve worked very hard and put a lot of time into building my army only for it to be destroyed so fast. I had at least 4000 archers and told it’s telling me I have 0!! I don’t think I’ll be playing this game much longer if something doesn’t give.

Great game, but PvP.......

Great game, but needs option to participate in PvP. I like the story, game mechanics, etc, but spend way too much time recovering from being slaughtered by PvPers!!!!! Makes me want to quit playing!!

No fun for new players

I’ve tried playing this game twice now. I’ve spent weeks building up my kingdom, spent $5 or $10 to get materials for building and crafting weapons (there’s really no way to get very far in this game without spending money),fighting wildlings and wight walkers and enjoying myself, then another player or group of players relentlessly attacks me and destroys everything I’ve spent time and money building up. Where’s the fun in that? Who wants to spend time and money building everything up just to have it all destroyed by someone who has been playing longer or spent more money than you on the game?


Making my own Keep is great fun!

This has about killed it for me

The glitches in this game have gotten out of control. Over the past few weeks there have been numerous glitches that effect the play and flow of the game. After a day or two we get a notice saying “ sorry, my bad “ here’s a couple of gold coins (300 or so)The only issue I’ve ever had happened a week ago. I was about to stop playing for the day. I purchased three, 24 hour shields to protect my keep/castle. When I checked back my keep had been ransacked. I emailed the developers about this problem they immediately sent out 50k in gold to rectify the problem. The problem is that I’ve been building this stuff up for months and that amount would replace a forth of what I had lost. I asked only for them to replace what I had lost. Nothing more, nothing less. I was met with a “ we’ve had players take advantage of us in the past, so this is the way we do things now “ I can’t help but feel ripped off. I lost things to no fault of my own and because of what someone else supposedly did I have to just take it and be happy. Tell people up front how great, fun, and challenging this game can be. Then tell them what can and will happen when things go side ways on the developers part. If I had known how this would have been, I would have never started playing this game. I recommend you think long and hard before you start.

Not happy

I do not want to search level 7 . I want level 3. Will not let me change it down.

Unoriginal / False Advertising

This is like all other city building strategy games, just a different theme. Advertised images do not correctly reflect game imagery or play. If you like the standard for city building and strategy games these days, you are likely not to be disappointed. I expected better graphics, better game play, and something unique and innovative. This did not meet those expectation. ::Yawn::

Fun, but buggy, and too easy to be farmed

started off fun, but app crashed every 5 minutes nice progression and research tree, basically another Kingdoms of Camelot / Dragons of Atlantis ripoff, with a GOT theme. but once BP runs out, forget about it. Storehouse saves few hundred k of res, and you need 10M to continue upgrades. even with max troops and traps, someone else always has more and will kill you with minimal losses of their own to deter them from farming you daily. would be more fun if it limited size of people that could attack you, and give you some protection after being farmed to rebuild. can have some free fun for a week, but dont waste your money or time much beyond BP.

The developers need to go back to school for development

Dont be disappointed when you get attacked 22 times in a row and the game fails to alert you even when you have alerts turned on. Also it allows “BULLIES” to control the whole game. (Because in other games after you are attacked, your base gets a temp shield for a couple of hours so it can heal). NOT in this game.

Great game

This is an awesome game the only thing I would have to say is when your alliance members need help with any resources you can not help them. There should be a way to send resources to your alliance here are players that are not fortunate enough to have a lot of money to spend on a game it would just be a way to be able to help your team out. I used to play Vikings war of clans and you could send resources to your team mates when they needed help I just know it’s a big help in the game being able to help that way. But other than that awesome game

Game of thrones conquest

This is a good game that I’ve enjoyed playing. Very entertaining and enjoyable but it could be a great game if not for the slow downs in gameplay and glitches that seem to pop up. I will continue to play and hope that it will improve.

Good game ruined by greed

Ridiculous..... Higher-level players feasting on low level new players to add to their resources what would be a fairly good game is a fairly ridiculous game..... MMO’s shouldn’t reward high-level players with experience or resources for this behavior

Solid kingdom Game

Uninstall clash of clans or ebony right now and get this game. Super well balanced! Plenty of GOT references and a great PvP system.

Fun game but glitches all the time

This is a nice game, especially if you’re a Game Of Thrones fan. The graphics are great and it tries to stay true to GoT. However, it has glitches all the time. You have to close and reopen the app in order for it to work correctly. I would love for the developers to add a feature wherein players can trade/barter resources.

Fun but....

This game is pretty fun, if you have liquid income. This is definitely pay to play. Progression is super slow with out buying packs. The packs are not worth the money, too little for your money. This game has minor bugs, and can be laggy, but I’d give it 4 stars if it wasn’t soooo expensive. Oh, and it’s addictive as all get out.


The game is fun but the game bugs get hard to deal with. Also unless you’re willing to spend money you’re not going to advance much.

No Stability, horrible customer service

Played this game from the very beginning, I’m in 5 different kingdoms, invested about 15k. I enjoy the concept of this game as a huge GoT fan. However, it constantly has technical errors that completely derail all gameplay and the developers do not care what you put into this. Troubleshooting they advise you to do, does not work or help because the game still crashes even while everything is up to date and your WiFi is top of the line. Other games that are stable are way less stressful and worth the money. This game still has major development to go through clearly, not worth wasting the time and money.

A disgrace to the GOT name

Hackers, cheaters, play with your Visa card or we don’t care about you. Heck, if you don’t spend at least 5,000 dollars in this game, we still don’t care about you. Bots? Sorry, don’t have time to get rid of them. Hacks? Yeah. We don’t believe it. Free gold? Let’s give them to the biggest baddest players to let them hit everyone so we all quit in this game! Sounds like a good plan wb developers. Honestly, HBO made the worst possible choice of handing over rights to wb for this game. DO NOT PLAY! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED

Pay to win like every other game out there

Too much pay to win BS... why cant there be a game for once where you have to have strategy instead of paying your way to the top.... its no fun to be destroyed constantly.

Waste of time and money

Without tiered combat this game is only good for either squeezing a few $ from new players until they figure this out, or for spending hundreds of $ purchasing level packs to defend yourself against those who have. When players with 10+ million combat power nonstop attack players with 600k combat power you will either spend hundreds of $ or realize this game is a waste of time! Glad I only spent/lost $9.99 before I figured this out.

Too expensive and very buggy

It takes way too long to level. They almost force you into buying packs to get the rest of the required items to upgrade your keep and protect your troops. You are required to have certain items to upgrade and some of those items you can only get one or two a week if you play 20 to 30 hours a week and the upgrade could require as many as 300 of those items or more. So your left buying packs spending real money. They could add more daily quest or special item drops on the mobs but they haven’t done that yet. It would be an easy solution. There’s lotta glitches in the game. Like getting disconnected or having items disappear from your inventory. Sometimes items that you’ve purchased or spent hours gathering will just vanish from your inventory. It seems unless you have screenshots of before and after it’s very hard to get anywhere with customer service. It would be a very good game if they could just fix those problems.

Spent some time and money

I really enjoyed this game. Up until you get attacked nonstop by the same player to harvest your resources. It wouldn’t be bad if you had some warning but these players teleport next to your base take all they can then leave, most times when your sleeping!!! Sorry I tried I spent time and real money on this game. I feel like they take your real money by the way they take everything.

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