Game of Thrones: Conquest™ App yorumlar

small problems

It is a good game but it has its errors, as for example you can not share resources with the alliance, error when writing coordinates in the chat, but the rest is very good. the walls do not recover


I am enjoying it

Fun game with good balance

If you love GoT’s and love games like this you’ll love the dynamics of the game play.

Love the game but a lot of glitches

The notifications doesn’t work half the time when your being attacked or scouted or anything of that sense..... also kicks you out a lot and resets you or tells you the you have to reset... love the concept though


Really fun to play, and updates come out a lot so it really makes it better, a few glitches but other then that it’s great

What a shame

The potential for something awesome is here. Sadly the moment you begin to enjoy your keep after many hours building (many many hours), until someone paying to win, ruins your fun. COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME. Don't be sucked in by your love of Game of Thrones or strategy. Save yourself the time and pain of watching your city burn. Even with many built up allies it does not matter. The flip side, if you love Game of Thrones and don't mind spending hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars, you will enjoy this game. The rest of us that have limited time to spend of games will not enjoy the end result of your experience.


Love the liege-bannermen aspect of the game. Moves along at good pace


Game is a lot of fun. I enjoy building an empire.

What the help is this

Don’t understand why the chat in these servers are not monitored better. Keep the slandering of others and the infringement on their rights protected. Bad support team response when submitting tickets in game as well.

Great, but crashes a lot.

I'm really enjoying the game, but it crashes so frequently it's almost unplayable for me. Please fix!

Best Game Ever

This is an awesome game met a lot of cool people from all over and we all play on the same team. My only problem is I don’t know if my current game and when I try and do it shows a lower version of me. IDK but loving this game.

Love this game!

I can’t play enough.

Love it

Not sure why everyone complains it's a awesome game! Try it for yourself.

The best

I’m happy with the game just Minor defects with messaging but runs good love the game my family does too just needs a few touchups here and there but greenlight for me.

Boring, glitchy, money grab

Enough said. I’ve experienced far too many glitches in the game that have stalled my progress. Unacceptable given that resources in the game cost real-life, cash money.

Game of thrones

Loving this game


Alls you do is die you get no help you can help the higher ups but they can’t help you very frustrating game

Great game! Just few bugs

This game is fun to play when bugs and glitches aren’t costing you troops, but overall fun!

Great game.

The game started out pay to play but in the last month they have really stepped on rewards. Plus I really like how the allegiances work.

Great game

Fun game


The game is very well appointed. The alliances in our kingdom have an effect on the money spent for sure. Resources are bought with cash so it has made the game in accessible to low income players. Some glitches but the devs have made a fun, accessible game.

No customer service

I have waited over a month to get some response from customer support. I have been locked out of my account and followed all steps to recover it. I've contacted forum moderators multiple times and they've assured me that they have passed along my ticket numbers and that I should hear something from the team soon. Is that the kind of customer service WB has to offer? I have spent over $2,000 on a game with tons of glitches and I can't even get a reply back to my technical issues!

Got conquest

Great game and outstanding concept!


I usually get tired of games on my phone, and I’ve played many.. but I love GOT!!

Game of thrones

Great app game

Some Not Good changes

I HATE how you have to open the item you THINK you MIGHT wanna craft to see what benefits you get from it cause after you’re done looking at it and you wanna compare, you’re screwed cause it takes you back up to the top of the page. TOTAL inconvenience and makes me not wanna craft anything. Too much work. And sometimes when it tells me there’s an update and I can continue or update I get to the App Store and it says there’s no update or it was a few days ago. It never helps me. Having occasional issues with the Shrine not wanting to give me my wishes after it just told me I needed to go get them.

Love this game


Save your life (& your $$$$)

This game is fun for all of about 20 minutes when you can level up pretty quickly right off the start. Then you reach the point where you choose to continue playing for free or fork over some cash to get the resources required to level up. I played this game from the day it was released up until today. Unless you can afford to spend hundreds of $$ per month, you’re gonna fall behind; and fast. The top player in my kingdom just reached 100,000,000 Power. (To those of you that have yet to play this game and have no context, thats A LOT OF POWER!) I was hardly at 3,000,000 when I decided I wasn’t gonna spend anymore cash on this dumb game. I ran out of peace shields and gold to buy more and inevitably was attacked by this top player 28+ times while he took all of the resources I had just spend weeks collecting. Of course this was by no means the first time it had happened. The players who spend more money are always going to have a competitive advantage over those who spend less or NONE. Maybe my strategy was flawed and maybe I wasn’t as invested in the game as others but I’ve by no means put nothing into this game. Money and time that I’ll never get back. The developers have been great about wanting feedback and making changes that improve the game in some regards, just not enough and I’ve run out of patience for them. At the end of the day, they are only really going to care about the players that pay their salaries and F2Ps just don’t. 🤦🏻‍♂️Thanks for taking my money........

Terrible service

Fully P2P game. No balancing efforts. Tons of bugs. Update just hit the game. I went to update, it directed me back to the game to verify something that it gives no directions on. Now I can't load my game, or update it or even download a new account. Not worth it. Move on...

Lots of bugs

This is a fun game but, to be successful at this game you must spend a lot of money. I do not have a problem with that. What I do have a problem with is all of the bugs in this game. One examples this game will give you rewards for completing tasks but you must complete the task and claim the reward before you can move on...well this game has a bug that if you complete a task it will not let you claim your reward so you can not advance and level up in the game. It’s very frustrating and the team does not seam to care about these issues. They are more worried about getting your hard earned cash rather than fix issues in a game that you must pay for. Be warned.


Spent 500$ on this game and it won’t update to let me play



Pay to Bully

Yeah if you don’t spend a grand on a mobile game don’t bother.

Zero Sum Game

Everyone loses money. Ponzi scheme that requires new players that can be preyed upon by higher level players. You can survive just be prepared to buy numerous $100 packages to try to progress. At some point, you’ll realize you could have bought a PlayStation for what it is costing you to play on this tiny screen. Thought this might be different than other Clash of Clan Clones. It’s not, same game different skin. Want to play, gotta pay, and pay, and pay. Want to win you got to pay, and , pay, and pay , and, pay. They want you to believe that you can just slowly build up your strength to higher levels without huge in investments, and we’ll never know if that is true as the guy out there trying to do that will probably have to play for several more years before he’ll get to that higher level. I am beginning to think that you would have had better luck opening up an account with that Nigerian Prince.


This game is an excellent concept, but implemented horribly by incompetent developers, and backed up by three raccoons in a suit for customer support. I have had issues with purchasing, account lockouts, and game breaking bugs, and the support team does not care, even after putting over $1000 on this game. Save time and frustration, pass right on by this game and play something else.

Interesting game but...

I tried to send this through the FAQ section but it didn't allow me to join. How do I move things out of my inventory? Some give you the option to use straight from there, others, like the speed up's dont. How do I get them out so I can use them?

Fun but definitely P2W

It’s a fun and fulfilling game, but there is a pay to win feature that is within the game. I love Game of Thrones though so I give 5 stars for authenticity.

GOW new skin

Left out the best parts of the old game Rss transfer o guild friends and free gifts for guild when someone buys a store pack. If you are going to rip off a game, don’t leave out the best parts.

I’m addicted but...

I play this game and enjoy it but the development side is horrible. Although it’s free to play you won’t get far without chunking down a lot of $$. I’ve been cheated by the game on the packs purchased and the customer service is completely inept and slow as molasses. For the amount of money we are paying, you’d think they could respond back sooner than 10 days....and get it right. If you play and pay, keep very accurate records of purchases and take pictures of what you bought. If you get it, great, but it doesn’t always happen and they really don’t know what they’re doing so be proactive. Posting this review was next to impossible too.


Game is slow because of continually having to build or train troops. Meaning you have to go farm, wood or stone. For hours. Not good

P2P ruin

Seeing comments of spending many $k to play. Should have separate kingdoms as you advance for parity. Spenders- go buy a car or something and get out of the house.

I love GOT

I’m new with the game but I’m enjoying it and making friends

Not really as gripping as the TV show;)

Pretty decent time killer & they sure try to sell the in game $5,10,50,$99.00 packs ...I’m sure you would have to spend a child’s tuition to “ rule the 7 kingdoms “ LoL but even with out spending its a pretty decent micromanaging empire building game so far ..3 days in

Hey y’all the update won’t let my game open!

Great game, be even greater if I could open it. Please fix before I go back to my keep being destroyed!!!

Players that pay

This game is too much pay to play. It's impossible to level up after 12 without paying. I suggest you at least get rid of stamina. Allow the non paying players to stand a chance or you will be left with a lot of players who give up early.

Glitches in game take your in app purchases

Even after updates, there are new glitches in game. The most frustrating is it taking your in app purchases away after getting an “unknown error has occurred” and something about the world being out of sync. Have lost several hundreds of dollars worth of packages purchased within the app.

Whatever you do don’t download it

Customer service is non existent, I’ve contacted them 5 times in two weeks zero responses, 1/4 packages you pay for in game don’t work. Not to mention the game is filled with glitches. And everyone in the game hates each other. You literally have no choice but to pay to play by level 9. A lot of the people in my clan have spent anywhere from $300-$5000 and they are not the best clan in the game.

Better be rich

Once you get to level 16 your gonna spend a fortune to go any further. At 22 it’s gonna cost you a 99.00 pack to get one building, 2 if your lucky and you need a lot of them to move up. There’s a lot of better options out there

Only a three because.......

It’s only a 3 because it takes too long to unlock the whole game I’m at a keep 12 my prestige is up there but I still can’t find Lannister gold or stark feathers I’m mean how long does it take I need a freakin broad sword and then you guys charge too much for so little 500 dollars for a builder for what 2 days but when everything you upgrade is 12 hours plus you don’t provide enough iron items for the smitty is hard to come by unless u constantly attack creatures you have to give back to the players you guys make it hard for new house to want to keep playing and the more powerful house just bully the game


It’s the only game I’ve played online in awhile and it’s hands down the best game and I definitely won’t play anything else for a long time !! Unless they come up with another GOT game ... ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💯✔️

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